Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inner Space Caverns

I was able to take Kaleb to Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown for the second time and the kids for the first time. Dad works there on Fridays so it was nice for him to see the kids and for us to get in free! All in all it was a lot of fun. Asher was a little too courageous at times and made me nervous getting too close to the edge! Both of the kids were very good, although Kaleb and I got a work out from holding them during the tour. We took a lot of pictures, but here are the highlights. We also LOVED the gift shop. It had some really neat things that Aidan loved, especially the polished rocks. And the 72 degrees in the cave was a nice change from the 100+ outside. Grandads popcorn snack at the end was probably the kids favorite part!

Asher and Kaleb in the little train heading down to the cave. Asher wasn't quite sure what was going on! Kaleb did her hair today to and it looked really cute!

Aidan and Mommy heading down to the cave. Doesn't Aidan look like such a handsome big boy? :)

The cave was amazing!

Aidan loved the soda straws from the ceiling and did ask me if people could drink out of them. How cute!

This formation was cool because it was very sparkly and it looked like nice clean snow. It was neat!

Kaleb is such a good uncle! This was my view for most of the tour. It was very nice to have help and I don't think I could have done it without him!

We had a really fun time visiting Grandad at work and exploring the cave!

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