Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More renovations

With the family coming home this Saturday I had to finish up my projects. Well 'project' now since I don't consider cleaning the house a project even though I probably should. The kid's bathroom was the last thing to do. The plan was to repaint and replace fixtures. The painting was great fun since bathrooms are small (less room to work in) and have a lot of things to paint around (cabinets, shower tile, toilet, etc). I had some help from my dad on the fixtures so they were relatively easy. I still have to get a shower curtain and new shower rod to be completely done. Below is a slide show of the before and after pictures.


T Buss said...

I LOVE it honey!!! Great choice on all of the fixtures and I love the paint color! :) You did a great job honey and I really appreciate all of your hard work! I love you! xoxox

Lucy said...

Looks great!!! thanks for re doing my bathroom Matt, can't wait to come there to use it!!! It looks Fabulous!!! Nice job as always...great choice of color and fixtures!! xoxoxoxo we miss you:(