Saturday, July 11, 2009

Under Construction

While Tiff and the kids are in Illinois I figured this would be a great time to do a couple of big projects.

The second, no I did not forget the first it is below, is redoing the kids bathroom. We picked out a grey-blue color for the walls and I have been looking at new fixtures at Home Depot. This project will involving priming the walls to cover up the burnt orange paint currently on the walls, priming and then repainting with the blue/grey paint, installing a new sink faucet, tub/shower faucet, robe hooks for towels, and toilet paper holder (required), and finally doing something about the shower curtain. With the changes in the wall color the current curtain will have to be curtailed. Ha! It's late, excuse me. This is a big project for me to tackle so I am waiting for the last week that the family is gone to do it.

The first project is making some changes to the kids room. We recently bought some bunk beds for the kids. Aidan is very excited to sleep on the top bunk and mommy and daddy are very nervous that Asher will not stay in the bottom bunk. I'm sure there will be more on that later. So the plans were to paint the top part of the room (area above the chair rail) an off white, remove the crib, toddler bed, maybe the changing table, and all the cowboy decorations, and finish it off with the new bunk beds and bedding. I took the crib and toddler bed out, removed the stuff on the walls, and moved all the remaining furniture into the middle of the room yesterday. Today I have been painting and it has been going slow. The original color that was on the wall has proved to be tougher than I thought and has required two thick coats of primer. I should be done by tonight with the final coat of the new paint. The bunk beds will have to wait for tomorrow. I'll post some before and after videos when it is all said and done. But for now here are some pictures during the painting.

This was for Aidan to see. It was during the 'cutting in' with the primer. This is where his top bunk will be.

Here it is with the 2 coats of primer on the walls.

And with the final paint. I know it isn't that different but up close you can tell. It's like light gray versus custard or something like that. I have to wait until tomorrow to see if I have to touch it up anymore.

So right now in the fridge I have two rollers, a rolling pan of paint, a trim pan of paint, and about half a gallon left of tea. Yum. We'll see what I can get done tomorrow.

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