Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Trip Back in Time Part 1 - Easter (Second Half)

I am behind in posting pictures so I am just going to post them anyway and not care that they are late. Kuddos to all of you who faithfully post and are never behind... Someday...maybe...but probably not...

Here are some pictures from Easter. It was a busy day, but we never felt rushed or stressed. It was very enjoyable. We woke up and opened up our Easter baskets, had our traditional orange cinnamon rolls, went to church with Meme and Grampy, had Papa Murphy's pizza (possibly a new stress free Easter tradition), played store, and pirates, and store, and more store in the living room with Meme, and finally drove Meme and Grampy to the airport. This was a great end to a weekend full of family, friends, birthday, celebrating Jesus, and watching our kids play, play, play!
Meme and Grampy celebrated with our family this year which hasn't happened in awhile. The Easter Bunny was very good to us all! They got some fun stuff!

More important than the Easter Bunny, it is so wonderful to actually be able to talk to Aidan about Jesus and what he did for us. He is starting to understand what Easter is really about. He knows that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that he rose again. He is a very smart little boy and remembers everything. He definitely gets that from his father.

Asher doing my hair.... I remember doing my mom's hair and having the greatest time! Jerrica and I would put all sorts of barrettes in it and just have a blast!

The kids and Daddy playing Don't Break the Ice - a game our family played a lot growing up!

This was a really sweet time for Aidan and Grampy. They made eggs in a nest, which is something that Tom remembered his grandma making growing up. Grampy made the nests and then Aidan loved putting the eggs in them. They had so much fun!

Meme and Grampy - what a cute couple!

Mommy and Daddy - even cuter couple! :)
We opened some Easter presents from Grandma and Grandpa Buss after church.

The Easter Bunny hid some great eggs in the backyard.

Once Asher figured out how to open them and that there was candy inside it was all over. Grampy and Aidan sorting through the loot.

I'm not sure who was having more fun - Meme or Ashy?

This was so much fun to watch! Meme and Aidan played store with Aidan's new cash register and had such a blast together! Matt will have to post the video soon... It was hilarious!

It was a wonderful Easter weekend. Thanks for visiting us Meme and Grampy!

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