Sunday, July 12, 2009

Under Construction part 2

When I got home from church today I finished up taking the tape off the walls and then doing a lot of touch up. I tried this trick on the ceiling that someone told me about to get a great line. The only problem was that I ended up with 4 layers of paint over the tape. So when it came time to peel it off it took some of the paint with it. It was very frustrating. It's a good thing that there was no one home.

So after the paint fiasco I vacuumed the room very well (something you always have to do after you move furniture around) and moved what was left of the furniture back to where it was going to go. I then dragged the bunk bed box in from the garage ignoring the 'lift as a team' symbol on it. Hey I didn't lift, I 'dragged.' I opened the box and flipped through the instruction manual and realized what I was getting myself into. I put the head/foot boards together downstairs and then took them upstairs. For each step I would go downstairs, get the pieces of wood that I needed, and then take them upstairs to assemble. Let me say that is was a very simple assembly but would have been a little easier with one more set of hands. I got the bottom bunk together in the room. Then my first issue. The instructions say to build the top bunk on the floor and then lift it up onto the bottom bunk. So here I am thinking "if I build the top bunk on the floor, I won't be able to lift it by myself onto the bottom bunk." So what do you do? That's right, build the top bunk on top of the bottom bunk. This actually worked out better and would probably have done it this way if someone was helping me. And in no time (maybe 5 hours in all) the bunk beds were together. And like a smart little monkey I was washing the kids new bedding as I was building the bunk beds so when they were done everything was ready to go.

So here is a slide show of the bunk beds and a video I made of some before and after clips. Try not to get dizzy.

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T Buss said...

Wonderful job honey. It looks so great and the kids will love it!!!!!