Friday, November 7, 2008

Aidan's Big Day! (9 Weeks Later...)

They grow up so fast...

This summer Tiff changed school districts in an effort to be closer to home. At her new school, Old Town Elementary, there is a class for teacher's kids in which Aidan is now attending. He is there with other teacher's kids and Pre-K students with special needs.

He has learned a lot and loves going. In the morning he plays in Tiff's classroom for a little while before going to his class, and after school he gets to play in her room and watch TV some too. She loves having him there. It is cute to see him walking with his class in the halls and sitting in the cafeteria eating (sometimes) his lunch. He has a 'girl' friend in his class. According to his teachers they are like a married couple; either friends or arguing. Everyday when he gets home we have to sit on the front porch and dump the sand out of his shoes from the playground at school. Sometimes the sand is in his hair. Everyday I ask him how his day went and he says 'fab-a-lous.' He is turning into quite the little boy.

Here are a few pictures from his first day.

Aidan all ready with his lunchbox and backpack.

Tiff and Aidan walking from the parking lot to the school


This wasn't from the first day, but it is cute to see them in their matching Old Town Texans T-shirts.


Mike said...

What a great blog. Nancy and I really liked the Halloween Costumes and also Aiden's First Day at School was really cool. Thanks for sharing

Jacob said...

I see from the photo of Aidan and Tiffany walking through the playground that Aidan is within a blue state and Tiff is within a red state. Perhaps the student has now become the teacher.

T Buss said...

"If you are young and not a liberal you have no heart; if you are old and not a conservative you have no brain."

Mike said...

If I Only Had a Brain, sighs.

The Scarecrow (Uncle Mike)

The Wizard: I can't give you a brain but I can give you a diploma.

How True.

All the best

Uncle Mike