Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well - I am officially a grown up. I shopped Black Friday all by myself. I have gone with mom before, but then she had the plan and just told me what to do and we were a great team! This morning I arrived at Walmart at about 4:15. I am so grateful my kids are not old enough to really care what they get! The lines for the big ticket electronics were crazy! I found a ton of great things, chatted with some ladies while we were waiting, and even had fun getting through he maze of aisles.
Here is the best part. I really wanted to get Asher her first cabbage patch doll. They had newborn ones on sale that were pink and purple. I finally found them and grabbed one. The box was a little bent up so I grabbed another one. When I got home I was so proud and showed Matt. It was then that I realized I had bought a dark skinned cabbage patch doll. It is super cute - just the opposite of my very white skinned baby girl! We decided to name her "Holly Berry" to celebrate multicultural dollies and the Christmas season. Asher will love it.
Merry Christmas!


Jacob said...

"Dark Skinned"? your racist overtones are leaking all over my keyboard. Would only a "white" rag clean them up right, or would a "dark" rag do just fine? Is Aidan's Incredible Hulk figure too dark of a green for you?

T Buss said...

His dark green skin is compensated by the light in his chest.


Hallam Fam News said...

Holly Berry! I love it!

meme said...

Way to go Tiff...Welcome to the "adult table "of black Friday...Your shopping abilities make me proud...We will work on Jake...Next year He will join the Black Friday ranks with us!