Saturday, November 15, 2008

They Love Each Other

I absolutely love the fact that Aidan and Asher love to play together. Yesterday Aidan wanted to read to his sister and did a great job telling her the stories.
He was helping her feel the different parts she could touch on the book. Asher wants to do whatever big brother is doing, follows him around, and wants to eat whatever he eats. She loves having a big brother!

We love to dance to country music in the living room! Matt and I usually each take one and dance, but Aidan decided to dance with little sister and Daddy and I got to dance together some too.

The Pooh train that Uncle Zach got for Aidan a few years ago is one of Asher's favorite toys! They now push each other around the house. Daddy had to teach Aidan that he had to "help" Ashy push him. They love this train!

Asher is pretty good at sitting like a big girl at their little table. Aidan really likes having her sit by him. She sits at a table at Miss Claudia's and even sleeps on a sleep mat instead of a pack and play. What a big girl!
The kids are growing up so fast! Aidan LOVES to play outside now that he has the awesome fort daddy and grandpa built. He has such a cute little personality. We asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said, "toys, winter clothes, and little eggs." Where he got the winter clothes from I have no idea! He must have heard daddy and I talk about it or learned it at school. He still loves the little plastic Easter eggs. He can write his name and learned his first word, it. We like to go on a hunt for the word when we are reading and are trying to learn the which is a little harder. He loves to read, especially right before bed. He is doing great at school, learning a ton and having fun. He is a great big brother and a big help to mom and dad.
Asher is so beautiful. She understands when we ask her questions and nods yes or no. You can tell she is trying to talk, and has said duck and we think cup. She runs everywhere now. She loves the doggies and lights up when she sees Aidan. She also is really good at following directions. She loves to brush her teeth, and wants a toothbrush if she sees anyone else brushing. She has been pretty good about letting me do her hair and put bows and ponytails in. I love doing that!!
I love this stage the kids are in. They make each other so happy and we love to watch them play!

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meme said...

What super cute Kids!!! They look like their MeMe!!! What is with the Vikings shirt?? What happened to Da Bears...