Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Pops!

For Dad's birthday Zach found a bunch of pictures of him and Dad from when he was little and set them out on the counter. Dad loved it!

Happy Birthday Pops!

It was a lot of fun celebrating my dad's birthday. This has been a great year for him. He has been eating really healthy and lost over 50 pounds since his last birthday and looks great!! I'm jealous that everyone in my family seems to have will power when it comes to eating except me. I obviously didn't inherit that gene...

Ash and I brought him lunch from Firehouse and balloons to his work. We also brought him a cupcake so we could sing happy birthday. Later in the week we headed out to Uncle Billy's BBQ near the Oasis to celebrate. Happy Birthday Pops!!!!

The kids at Uncle Billy's BBQ.

Ash and Daddy looking at the sailboats on the lake.

Matt and I and Ash sneaking in. It looks like she was posing...

Dad and Gerry

Dad and Zach - they look wonderful and have lost over 125 pounds between the 2 of them in one year!!!

There was man selling tarantulas. It completely grossed me out that Zach let that hairy thing crawl on him, but if you look closely at Ash and Matt off to the left, they thought it was pretty cool. Yuck!

This little guy was completely crazy!!! He was a neon blue tarantula. When they are grown, they have pink, green, and blue hair. It was so fast that it was hard to get a good picture! This one was Aidan's favorite and possibly Uncle Zach's new pet... again - Yuck!

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