Monday, March 7, 2011

Maximus Chillaximus

Yes, call us crazy. But we are sure having fun being crazy! We purchased a 12 week old Great Dane puppy last night to be big brother to our Chihuahuas Fonzie and Betty. He is a sweet giant already weighing 37 pounds! His paws are almost as big as my hand! We had a fun time getting him in Temple yesterday and are still working on getting the right size water dish and the enormous crate he will need when he reaches up to 200 pounds. He did awesome his first night at home sleeping by my side of the bed cuddled with my sweatshirt. The kids love him and Aidan thinks it's funny when he chases Fonzie or chews on nearly everything! We already love you Max!

No - this is not Max! But, the breeders breed Chihuahuas and Great Danes which we thought was especially awesome. Ash loved the little puppies.

This picture doesn't do him justice, but this is Max's dad Thunder. When he stood up he was taller than Matt.

This is Max's Mom Phoebe.

Max was relaxing with Asher on his bed while Matt and I filled out the paperwork.

Aidan petting Max.

Matt carrying our big puppy to the van. He wasn't too interested in walking on a leash just yet.

We started with him sitting in the front seat on my lap but he was whining and obviously did not have enough room on my shrinking lap! So we ended up in the backseat of the van and he did great.

We stopped by to visit Matt's parents since we drove past Georgetown. Max did great meeting their Golden, Missy.

Max meeting Betty. This is how Matt said the conversation went: Max, "Hi, what's up?"

Look at that cute face!

Max and Matt on his makeshift bed.

The doggy triangle. Max was resting and both Fonzie and Betty were trying to figure out how to get past him.

Max officially meeting Fonzie. I think he was sleeping.

Ash and Max this morning.


Gennae Heer said...

Someone in our neighborhood has a Great Dane that we've seen on walks before. Their dog is the calmest giant I've ever seen! He is cute but I still think you're crazy! I'll just call you my crazy friend! :)

Hannah said...

Great seeing sweet Asher today!! What a great new playmate for the kids that will come in handy when you have your hands fuller in few months!!