Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Young Chefs

Groupon had a deal to get a 90 minute cooking session for $15 at the Young Chef's Academy so I bought a couple for the kiddos. They loved it! And I truly think they ate food there (and loved it) that they wouldn't have necessarily eaten ate at home. It was so fun! I can't wait to take the recipes they made and have them help make them at home!

Asher made bus stop sandwiches (biscuit dough, ham, cheese, and mustard (she wanted lots!)). They learned about school buses as a mini lesson before the began cooking.

Aidan make Ramen Shrimp Pockets and Stone Fruit Pockets. They were learning about Alton Brown as their lesson. The teacher said Asher did great with scissors. She does love cutting up paper and has for awhile now and I let her without fear of her cutting herself. She uses kid scissors, but she is just good at it too!
Eating her finished product. It was really yummy!

Eating his finished product. It was also great! The Stone Fruit Pockets had a great gingerbread "crust" that made it seem like he made a cobbler.

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