Friday, March 18, 2011

Max is growing

So far we think he's gained about 5 pounds. He weighed 37 pounds when we got him about 2 weeks ago and is now up to 42 pounds. He eats about 4 cups of food a day. He loves his compressed rawhide chew bones and blue rope chew toy, hates the Nylabone, can gracefully walk his way onto the couch (he doesn't jump - on people or on furniture), has a bedtime of about 9 (after that he doesn't want to do much and is mostly just relaxing on his bed), goes for walks every day, and is still the sweetest gentle giant puppy in the world. He still tries to chew on the couch and the kids toys must be put up or in their room or he has toy radar and they are in his mouth. He is an eyeful and still has to be watched constantly mainly due to the potty training in progress, but he is a great dog. He likes to play for a little bit but then nearly always follows it with a good long nap. Here are a few recent pics of Max this week.

Betty and Max the closest they had ever been. Usually they are giving each other a hard time which equals Betty growling at him and Max pouncing around and barking at her.

Asher and her big puppy.

The kids really do love him.

Team Chihuahua versus Team Max.

We have to "hide" the Chihuahua water bowl so only they can get to it because Max has to eat and drink from a raised food dish. It seems to work out well.

Max already taking up about half the couch. We at first tried to keep him off it, then decided it was one battle we weren't going to fight, especially since the other two dogs are allowed on furniture.

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