Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading Day with A & A

Yesterday Asher and I went to Aidan's class to read with him and celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday and National Reading Day. We brought blankets, stuffed animals, a flashlight, and lots of books! His teacher even gave the kids fruit loops as a snack and a juice box. He is really enjoying having chapter books read to him and Asher had a great time sitting on her blanket "reading" her books. I'm so grateful I get to have these moments with my kids.

Asher took this picture of Aidan and me. :)

Reading a new book I bought for the kids.

Aidan's friend Annie read with us for awhile.

Aidan's friend Nikolas and the stuffed animals. Aidan was SOOOO happy because his teacher told him they could keep the stuffed animal out the whole day! He was in Binky heaven!!!!!!!

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