Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aidan gets some homework...

That's right our 3 year old had homework tonight. He had to practice reading some books that he made at school. We sat down on the couch tonight before bed time and he read through both of them twice. Here are the two books.

I do have to say we have been very blessed to have people that take such good care of Aidan. First Miss Claudia did an exceptional job from when he was a baby to 3 years old, and he learned so much when he was at her daycare. Now he has 3 amazing teacher's Miss A, Miss Coker, and Miss Mackie (in alphabetical order as to show no bias) that do such a great job with him and his quarks. I dropped him off this morning at school and he was throwing a fit. I had to go so I set him down and he flopped on the floor. Miss Coker looked down at him and said, "we'll ease into it," meaning they were going to give him some time to get into a mood to participate in class with the other kids. I laughed to myself and thought 'perfect.' I know how difficult he can be sometimes and they are very patient and understanding with him. For that matter the entire class that they teach of teacher's kids and kids with special needs. I know that I couldn't do it so kudos to them (and to all teachers, especially my wife, for that matter).

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