Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Look at Aidan...

Our son Aidan is growing up so fast! He is 3 and will turn 4 in April. He is a wonderful big brother to his little sister. One thing that melts my heart lately is that he likes to hold her hand when we are driving home from school. They will be sitting in their car seats and he will grab her hand and hold it until we get home. She is very content holding brother's hand all the way home. Aidan is a very smart and thoughtful little boy. Today on the way home from Walmart he was telling me again about how he wanted to be a dog catcher when he grows up (see previous blog about this topic...) and was very concerned and asked "What if I can't find the doggies mommy? How will I find the mommy?"
Aidan reading a book to Ashy.

He is a lover of books and reading. He still begs for more books and is sad every time we have to stop reading to go to bed. His favorites right now are Bernstein Bear books, any and every one of them. It is really sweet to watch him "read" to his little sister, although her attention span isn't really long enough to listen to a whole story yet. He loved learning his letters and sounds at school and is very proud they finished learning them all. He is learning his sight words now and can read some predictable books such as: I like the cat, I like the car, etc. He learns so much at school!

Aidan working very hard on a project at school. Notice his cool shirt from Meme that says, "If you think I'm cool, you should see my Dad."

He also learns other important things in school. We were at HEB and he was sitting in the front of the cart with Asher. She was leaning on him and he said, "Mommy, Asher is in my personal space bubble. I learned about that in school." After a moment of smiling and processing what my THREE year old said, I informed him that when it comes to sister's, you don't get to have a personal space bubble and she will probably always be in it.

He is also stubborn (where did he get that from???) and is often the child in pictures who is NOT doing what the others are doing. For example: The others are going from classroom to classroom singing Christmas carols and ringing bells. Aidan is standing there, politely standing there, but no singing and no ringing. Example number 2: The others all have their faces painted. Aidan did not want to have his face painted. (and so on and so on). He knows what he wants to do and if he doesn't want to, there is no convincing him otherwise...

This is Aidan and his class carroling in my class. Notice EVERYONE else wearing their cute Christmas aprons and hats, singing, and ringing their bells. Notice my adorable son, standing there quietly, not doing any of those things...

Aidan also is the opposite of Matt and myself in that he DOESN'T like to eat. His number one mealtime phrase is, "What do I have to eat to get down?" He does love to snack, but meals, even his favorites, are usually a struggle. Even mac and cheese is not a winner with Aidan. He prefers to eat salad...
He does, however love to eat breakfast most of the time. Here he is with a few of his favorite things: His sister, cereal, and his binky bear (on the table).

Aidan is also so lovable. He says I love you Mommy many many times each day. He does our special sign to say I love you every night at bedtime and when I see him at school. He also loves to give me little things. Every a dried brown leaf is like a special treasure to him and he picks them up and gives it to me as if it were a beautiful flower. I now have Aidan leaves all over the inside of the van from the treasures he gives to me as we walk to the van after school. I love them! He also picks tiny flowers (weeds) to give to me.

Aidan loves to climb on and wrestle with Daddy. Although he is not a huge rough houser and never has been, he has always loved to have that special boy time with daddy wrestling around. Tickling is usually involved too. He loves playing outside on the playscape Daddy and Grandpa built, and also has recently enjoyed playing soccer outside. He kicks the ball into the fence or the goal and says, "Score!" Maybe soon we will be brave enough to sign him up for soccer.

Right now his favorite colors are, "silver and golden," which is a big change from Meme's favorites (and in turn Aidan's favorites) of purple and pink. Daddy is happy about this change.

Aidan loves Dora, Nemo, Diego, Backyardigans, and most of all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He still has his fascination with little things and can often be found with a marble, pebble, or small treasure of some kind in his hand or pocket.

Aidan is a gift from God, in many ways the opposite of his sister, a feisty red head, a loving son, and a huge blessing to his Daddy and me.


Mike said...

What a lovely post. I am so proud of both of you for using technology to document these precious family moments (stuff). Nancy cried, when she watched the "Dancing in the Living Room Video". It is very hard for us not being experience these moments first hand.

Love you both and
All the best,
Uncle Mike and Aunt Nan

Jacob said...

What does Aidan think about Pink Panther 2 coming out? I bet he "rebels" and doesn't see it.

Jennie ~ said...

AW! Very sweet note to Aidan. Our kiddos are going to love reading all of this stuff when they are older. My blog IS my babybook for Ella!