Friday, January 9, 2009

They Say It All!

Each stage that our kids enter brings along with it lots of new phrases and words that crack us up and make us smile every day! Here's what the kids are saying these days:

"Ayudame!" (Help Me! in Spanish)

Aidan will ask for help with something, we'll help him, and then he'll say, "Thanks, nice to meet ya!"

"I love you the whole world Mama!" or "I love you my sweet little Mama" (He is so so loving sometimes and gets on a roll where he will tell me he loves me and hugs me over and over again while he is playing.)

I will ask him how school was today and he will say, "Fabulous!" (This phrase was coined by Meme!)

When we were driving back past the St. Louis arch he said, "Is that where Jesus lives?"

He has also nicknamed his sister Cherry, and I can't remember exactly why...

"Bruba" (Whenever she sees her brother - he makes her smile every day! She actually wakes up in the morning saying this and reaching for his bed.)

"Gog-gee" (Doggy - She is fascinated by any and all dogs and loves to pet and play with them if they will let her)

"Mama and Dadda" (of course!)


Jacob said...

Zena would be Asher's favorite dog of course.

T Buss said...

Whatever! Zena is old and grouchy like Fonzie. Champ, my brother's dog, is her favorite. He will take any and all abuse the kids can dish out.


Lucy said...

Hello...we all know that Zeus would be the favorite. He takes a licking and never stops ticking!! and lets not forget Juno the power powder puff!! she is a true girlie girls dog, yet tough enough to wrestle with the big dogs... Champ is way cool, but sorry Matt, he just is not the Zany Zeus! Zena is the manager now of the Gusto wrestling dogs...always action at our house!
xoxoxo meme