Sunday, January 18, 2009

A look at Asher...

Anyone who is a parent can relate. Each child is different. It is amazing how different Aidan and Asher are. She is going to give us a run for our money. Either I have a bad memory or Asher is doing things before her brother did. She walked before he did (partly because she wanted to chase Aidan), it seemed like she was smiling before he did (just gas?), and she climbed things before he did. Well the last may not be true. She is very much a climber. Aidan may have been able to climb things when he was her age but if he could he didn't do it. When Aidan was little you could set him down somewhere and he wouldn't go too far. When you set Asher down the second you blink she is gone, and it never fails that where she has gone to either involves a dog or climbing something. My heart has skipped more beats these last 5 months then my entire life. We have a small table and chairs for the kids; she loves to climb the chairs. We have a step stool for the kids to get to the kitchen sink to wash their hands; she loves to climb that. And now she has learned that she has the ability to climb the playscape in our backyard (see the video below).

Not only is she a climber, but she is a princess (as she should be). She knows that she is the baby and likes to command attention; well at least likes to be held when she wants to be held. She is a sweet girl and will give kisses on command. Before bed we usually ask her to go and give bru-ba a kiss, and she will toddle over and give him a kiss. She'll kiss the dogs, stuffed animals; just not us. Well maybe just not me, Tiff will get some smackers from her sometimes.

Recently we took away her pacifier. She is still getting used to not having it at home. The hardest part has been trying to get her to go down for an afternoon nap without the pacifier. At night though the loss of the paci has lent itself to sweet moments holding her. Sometimes at night she needs a little calming down before going to bed. So we hold her and pat her back and then it happens; she will lay her head down on our shoulders. I can't talk for Tiff, but as a father this just melts my heart. Neither one of our kids are cuddlers, they have their moments, but for the most part they just aren't. So to have these evenings when she is tired and she lays her head on my shoulder and gives a little sigh; those are the times when I feel like I'm doing something right.

She absolutely loves the dogs and really enjoys big dogs. She spends a lot of her time chasing the two chihuahuas around the house, but Betty is usually the only one that will let her love on her. We are looking into adopting a golden retriever that will love her as much as she loves dogs. Until then she will have to be satisfied with her time with Zeus, Zena, and Champ.

Here are some recent videos and pictures of our 2nd child.

One of the last nights with the paci.

Asher's cheesy grin on the pooh train from Uncle Zach (still a favorite).

Asher's hip hair today. Tiff loves being able to do her hair.

Asher having fun with Champ.

Asher climbing up the 'rock' wall on the playscape and going down the slide. Our little daredevil is growing up so fast. Please excuse her outfit, it was a 'quick let's go outside and play' and we couldn't find any of her girly jacket or hat.


Lucy said...

Asher is a little Tiffany...She will always be trying to explore the vast unknown and always reaching for the stars...Asher and Aidan are true blessings...
xoxo meme

T Buss said...

We really miss you Meme!!
Love to the moon and back forever!
Love, Asher and Aidan xoxox