Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Buss

Here is posting 1 of 3 of celebrating the Christmas season with our family. Matt's parents always celebrate on Christmas Eve. We were able to also see Uncle Rob and Aunt Katy, cousin Robby who will be 2 in April, and Great Grandma Buss too. While neither of the kids ate much at dinner, they did enjoy present time and cookies. Aidan and daddy were the present passer outers again this year. Then it was present opening time. This year Aidan was definitely into opening the presents, but didn't seem to look too closely at them once they were opened. He also helped little sister open hers. Asher's highlight of the evening was definitely climbing all over Champ the Golden Retriever. He is the super calm pet of Uncle Rob, Aunt Katy, and Robbie. To Asher, he was better than any present! We didn't stay up too late, because we had to get home to get ready for Santa! We did end the night with a nice cup of hot chocolate with Great Grandma Buss. Aidan and Great Grandma Buss reading a new book from Uncle Rob and Aunt Katy.

Aidan and I snooping for presents.

Daddy and Aidan being present passer outers...

Aunt Katy, Cousin Robby, Aidan, and Grandma opening presents.

Matt wearing two of his presents at once, his Vikings hat and a new tie.

Great Grandma and Aidan playing tea party with Asher's new tea set.

Asher did join in the fun when she saw big brother doing it.

Asher and Champ

Aidan starting to get pooped out, but still happy....

Aidan enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.


Jacob said...

Why does Aidan get to be in every photo but Champ is only in a couple?

T Buss said...

It's specie-ism.