Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Morning at Home

Merry Christmas!! (A little late - sorry!) The kids slept in until 8:30 which was great! They were both happy in the morning and we even got a great picture of them together before we began our bible story and present opening. Aidan did great this year opening. He really enjoyed it. Asher didn't really care to much, but she did like playing with her new necklaces and bracelets from mommy and daddy. We had a wonderful Christmas playing with our new toys and relaxing some in the morning. I think Aidan's favorites may have been his dice, Gator Golf, and his marble racing game, and Asher liked her jewelry. I can't wait until she is really into her dolly. Aidan helped open Holly Berry, but Asher was not at all interested yet. After presents we enjoyed our coffee and orange cinnamon rolls, a long standing tradition in my family and now mine and Matt's family. The afternoon was spent napping for the kids and packing for Matt and I. We ended up leaving at about 8:30 PM for our trip to Illinois to see my family (a posting about that soon to follow!). Here are some highlights from our wonderful Christmas morning.

Mommy, did Santa come last night?

I could not believe this picture ofmy 2 sleepyheads turned out so great! It is a rare moment these days to have them both looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. Aidan and Asher have enjoyed dancing to country music in our living room holding the big Mickey and Minnie. It is so cute! Daddy is reading all about the best gift of all - Jesus!

Gator Golf has been a lot of fun, even though we don't really "play" the game, we more just play with the game. Aidan loves it!

Aidan is fascinated with little things to hold. He has moved on from acorns when he was younger to dice and marbles.

Asher is looking closely at the first jewelry she has ever received! Brother also got her a cool glittery bracelet for Christmas.

She is "all dressed up" in her jewelry, looking cute with her Daddy.

Aidan is playing with his little dinosaurs that Ashy picked out for him. Well - she was at least in the cart when mommy picked them out!

This marble racing game is pretty fun, although Asher wanting to play with the marbles makes me a little nervous.


Jacob said...

Small toys to choke on for christmas? Why didn't you buy them "Bag o' Razors"?

T Buss said...

I prefer 'Bag o Glass' and 'Chainsaw Teddy.'