Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daddy is the Best!

As I posted earlier, Daddy is at a men's retreat. While he is away, I have to take this time to brag on what a wonderful husband and father he is.

When I came home, ALL of the laundry was done, and not just done but put away as well. We had ALOT of laundry and were a little behind in doing it.

He had washed all of our sheets and remade the beds.

He knew Aidan would be sleeping in our bed, so he put Aidan's pillow there, along with his binky bear, tubby bear, and little bunny. He didn't just toss them on the bead either - he laid binky on the pillow and the others right next to it.

He folded Asher's blanket into a triangle (I think he was showing off with this :) and laid her pink binky bear on her little pillow.

The dishes were all washed, the kitchen cleaned, and the counters wiped off.

He had also gone to the store a couple of days ago and bought groceries for us and was even excited about these cute new little tator tots for the kids.

I am so so blessed to have the best husband in the world who is the best father in the world to Aidan and Asher.

I love you honey...


Jacob said...

You won't be as appreciative when he comes home from the "retreat" which was really Vegas, and he gambled away the kids college fund.

Tomi said...

WOW! What a man huh? Its so great to hear Mommy's loving on their husbands! That's a blessing for your kiddos for sure!

Lucy said...

Matt, you are such a suck up...but a good Man always... was Vegas?